Until recently Justin was simply an idea.

An idea a number of Mental Health industry professionals told us made sense and they have supported us. Their endorsements, at the ‘Idea’ stage are below.

Justin is now a reality and we are testing with a small group of people who are looking for help. As soon as we know it works their responses, good or bad will be posted below.

I endorse what you are doing.

—Professor Ian Hickie.

Co-Director, Health and Policy at University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre

“Wonderful idea!”

—Professor Frans Verstraten'

McCaughey Chair of Psychology at the University of Sydney and Head of School (2013-now)

“I congratulate you on what you have achieved to date. Yes, there is a need for such an app.”

—Dr Lindsay McMillan OAM.

Leading Australian academic, thought leader and social commentator in the field of human resources and the complexities of the modern workplace.

“I think Justin would be a great support tool for psychotherapy as peer support has proven to be an effective intervention for people with substance and mental health issues”

—Dr Casimir Liber.




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