Hi, my name is Justine, I was given Justin to trial and to have a go.

When I was in the hospital, I have diagnosed with stage four cancer and had a major operation in a different state away from my family and you know, during the day there are lots of doctors, nurses, and visitors that come in and then at night time you faced with the stark reality I was fighting for my life and as a distraction, I thought I'll have a look at this app, you know, and I was feeling quite alone, I think I was scared, I was being told I was fighting for my life.

And I tried the app and some of my oldest closest friends were on it and they had left some really beautiful messages, you know, it makes me teary to think about it.

You know, saying we've got this, we're behind you, you know, we love you were here and just hearing that and being able to access that at times where it's not appropriate to ring people and just that they put the effort in and it just, it just uplifted me, I felt, yeah, I can do this, I've got this and that support and that and that I could choose when to grab that support, you know, is that it was at the times in the middle of the night or at night time where everything quiet things down and where you feel like it's a burden to ring somebody and so go Justin, I have absolute kind of so much faith that this app is so invaluable to so many people and as it was for me.

Okay, thanks.

- Justin


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