Welcome to Justin

Three steps to start


Set a goal

Why are you doing this and what do you want to achieve? Believe in yourself.

You got this.


Record the moments that make you feel good, motivate or encourage you.

Invite support

Allow your helping hands to encourage and support you on your journey.

Just in case...
we need help.

Just in time...
when we need it most.

Just in touch...
with those who support us.


When we are feeling good, Justin prompts us to record Video messages that are stored and ready for us when we feel low.


Justin allows us to invite a support group (Helping Hand) of 5 people to also leave messages. These messages remain stored until the crucial moment they are needed.


When the TIME button is hit. Positive affirmations and videos come to you. Messages you have not seen before. A random message of love and support is appreciated...
seeing that message for the 1st time when you are feeling vulnerable gives it great strength.


When you are watching these new videos of support and encouragement, Justin sends a message to your Helping Hand letting them know. Prompting them to reach out to you.


1. Can anyone use this?

YES. We have designed Justin to simply help you. You know what you want to achieve. You know why you need help. You design your journey and we will assist you. Acknowledging that you want help is a huge step. Asking for help takes strength. Hopefully Justin makes this easier for you.

2. Is this private?

Justin DOES NOT go out on social media. It is designed to be extremely private.

You share parts of your journey with your Helping Hand:

They will know when you hit TIME and therefore know when to reach out to you.
They will know when you have liked something they have sent you. So they can keep sending you the things that encourage you. Maybe pictures of puppies is your thing?

They DO NOT get to see what is in your Inspiration or Time feed.
They DO NOT know who else is in your Helping Hand.
They CANNOT communicate through Justin with anyone else in your Helping Hand.

3. How much does it cost?

Justin is free for the first 30 days.
It then costs $6/month.

It is FREE for your Helping Hand to use. Your helping hand are giving their energy to you, it makes no sense for this to cost them financially.

4. Why only 5 people as a Helping Hand?

We like to use the analogy that if the Boy who cried wolf had of only called out to 5 people, instead of the whole village, he would have been saved. We allow up to 5 people so they know that being a Helping Hand is a responsibility not to take lightly.